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An Invitation by Jayne Steggles Certified

Art of Allowing Facilitator 

The Art of Allowing Academy founded by Flora Aube

Come, come in and be for a while, explore shape and colour, allow curiosity the way you did as a child. Wonder at the mystery, giggle with joy and surrender to invitation, to intuition, breathe and move your whole being and see what comes forward.







Art space is a time to breathe, to listen, to connect, to allow. It can be a time of journeying to other spaces, the ether, to sit in gifted essence that travels through the brush to the canvas.


This is my experience of the Art of Allowing using breath and connection to that which can not be physically held, a touch, a whisper that grows on the canvas to become a reflection, a mirror, a portal to the Soul being inside.


My arrival with this allowing of mystery happened through a journey of healing the physical self from chronic fatigue, pain and dis-ease. I explored energy healing, practicing and training in Reiki, allowing an opening within myself to a listening of other possibilities. This led to my inner being saying yes to the Art of Allowing process when it was placed in my path with a strong essence of recognition.


As a child I instinctively knew there was something beyond what I saw, I didn’t question my love for others, for nature but I did get hurt and confused by others actions towards each other and our planet, I thought everybody did. I grew, married and had four children who are now out in the world. Life happened and after our youngest was born I became unwell which is when I started to ask big questions and over the next 12 years I learnt about the mind body soul connection leading me to painting with the Art of Allowing. Through this process layer by layer, painting by painting, releasing healing came through captured in each of the canvases and often alongside, messages from the divine feminine. 


Through painting I nurtured a love for myself, awakening memories as lessons I had long since forgotten. A deepening love for humanity and planet Earth came through with such power, I wanted to share the process with other Souls feeling the pull, hearing the whisperings to work with the inner being. It is my hope held in heart space that this love will flow forward through each painting bringing protection for humanity and this beautiful Earth we call home.





Coming Soon 



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